GOP Editorial: Say no to Virginia's tribes
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MONDAY, MAY 19, 2003

"Virginia's eastern Indians were labeled either White or Black by segregationist government bureaucrats in the Jim Crow 1920s. The tribes were never recognized by the Federal Government. Recognition today means a new census to determine who is one-eighth Indian. So, the government is going to do precisely what it did in slavery times and segregation - ask people how much of one racial blood they are. Like it really matters.

Virginia's eastern Indians - the tribes in question - began assimilating in 1700. Their descendants are good Virginians and indistinguishable from their neighbors. How can anyone tell that their neighbor is one-eighth Indian? The Tribes got Virginia state recognition in 1983, but that isn't good enough and doesn't come with goodies.

Federal recognition means that someday the Indians can open gambling casinos, even though today's Indian leaders assure it won't happen now. Virginia voters have rejected riverboat gambling by huge margins. This is the back door for gambling - sooner or later."

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