Morgan: The Haves, Never-Hads and Used-to-Have's
Tuesday, September 9, 2003

Ed. Note: Lance Morgan is CEO of Ho-Chunk Inc., which owns Indianz.Com and AllNative.Com.

"If I had to predict what economic development in Indian country would look like in 10 years, I would guess that competition or severe restrictions are coming in the areas of gaming and taxation. Gaming has historically never been a stable economic industry. Combine that instability with a growing backlash against tribal gaming and you have a recipe for a real decline. I can assure you the state and federal politicians are thinking of ways to restrict gaming or to increase our taxes. I challenge you to name an industry or resource that the non-Indians have valued that they didn�t try to limit or take for themselves. Any other conclusion is just wishful thinking.

I believe in the near future Indian country will be divided into the "Have�s," the "Used-to-Have�s" and the "Never-Had�s.""

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