Indian Country slams efforts to 'abrogate' sovereignty in wake of historic Supreme Court ruling (August 13, 2020)

In a major show of unity, nearly every Indian Country organization is warning of efforts to 'abrogate' tribal sovereignty following a historic win at the nation's highest court.

Native Sun News Today: Where are the feathers? (August 13, 2020)

The 57 Lakota youth who were mistreated at a hockey game have yet to receive the eagle feathers gifted to them.

Who will play an Osage woman in a film about the Osage people? (August 13, 2020)

Osage women are often referred to as the backbone of our community, not just as mothers and wives but keepers of our traditions, our songs, and performed the essential work in maintaining the Osage way of life.

Kayla Hilario: Let's not forget Tribal history as we complete the Census (August 13, 2020)

It’s important for all our communities to be counted – especially Indian Country – to ensure we bring back resources and representation that is rightfully ours.

As providers turn to telehealth during COVID-19, calls rise for more resources in Indian Country (August 13, 2020)

As the coronavirus pandemic wears on, medical providers are moving to telehealth – prompting calls for more funding for infrastructure and technology in Indian Country to remedy disparities that can make long-distance care impossible.