Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians acquires ancestral property in Tennessee (February 5, 2020)

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is pursuing economic development opportunities at a site near a busy interstate.

Indian inmate files opening brief in Supreme Court sovereignty case (February 5, 2020)

Jimcy McGirt was sentenced to 500 years in prison, as well as life without parole, by the state of Oklahoma. His fate will be decided by the nation's highest court.

Cherokee journalist Rebecca Nagle wins prize for work on Indian law case (February 5, 2020)

The American Mosiac Journalism Prize comes with a cash award of $100,000.

Arizona Two Spirit Powwow returns for a second year (February 5, 2020)

The PFLAG Phoenix Native American Chapter, known as Native PFLAG, will host the 2nd Annual Arizona Two Spirit Powwow at South Mountain Community College’s Performing Arts Center Amphitheater.

ProPublica: Law enforcement in Native villages under scrutiny (February 5, 2020)

An investigation by the Anchorage Daily News and ProPublica found that dozens of police officers had been hired in rural Native villages despite criminal convictions.

State of disunion: Arizona lawmakers react to Trump speech at tense time (February 5, 2020)

For more than an hour, President Donald Trump talked about the 'Great American Comeback' that has occurred under his administration, in a State of the Union address that Democrats said described instead 'a parallel universe.'

Meskwaki women lead the way for tribal community's Iowa caucus (February 5, 2020)

The group of Meskwaki women who ran the caucus on their settlement in Iowa are passionate about politics.

Clara Caufield: Big Bad Billy Bahr (February 5, 2020)

This column is driven by the spirit of Billy Bahr, a Northern Cheyenne veteran who fought in Vietnam.

Ivan Star Comes Out: Academic achievement remains on the 'back burner' (February 5, 2020)

Let’s stop fighting each other simply because it has not benefited anyone, especially our Native students.

Native Sun News Today: The legend of Wahanpi, the protest dog (February 5, 2020)

Ahani (a long time ago), before there were horses, Sunka (dog) was sacred to the Oceti Sakonwin.

Witness list for House Subcommittee for Indigenous Peoples legislative hearing (February 5, 2020)

Tribal and Native leaders, along with federal officials, are providing testimony on bills to address tribal homelands, a Native youth treatment center and tribal bison.