Zoe Higheagle Strong named to Washington State University tribal position (August 29, 2018)

Zoe Higheagle Strong, a citizen of the Nez Perce Tribe, is assuming a high-profile role at Washington State University.

Warm Springs Tribes confirm closure of Kah-Nee-Ta Resort and Spa (August 29, 2018)

Efforts to save the storied Kah-Nee-Ta Resort and Spa in Oregon have failed.

Fort Peck Tribes investigate deaths of 15 horses on reservation (August 29, 2018)

'This is embarrassing and no animal should be treated like this,' a tribal council member said of the dead horses.

Winnebago Tribe turns to tradition with annual corn harvest (August 29, 2018)

The Winnebago Tribe is making sure its food traditions stay alive with new generations.

Diane Humetewa: John McCain was a leading voice for Indian Country (August 29, 2018)

During the majority of his time in the House and Senate, John McCain was a leading voice for and architect of federal Indian policy.

Lawmakers from both parties pay tribute to the late John McCain (August 29, 2018)

From immigration reform to foreign policy, John McCain was about finding solutions, colleagues said.

Another Native vote first with two tribal citizens on ballot (August 29, 2018)

Voters in Oklahoma's 2nd Congressional District will make a historic choice this November, with two Cherokee citizens on the ballot.

Navajo Nation voters oust incumbent in presidential primary (August 29, 2018)

Navajo Nation voters went to the polls and gave walking papers to incumbent President Russell Begaye.