Summer storms bring extensive damage to Pine Ridge Reservation (July 30, 2018)

Across the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, residents began cleaning up the debris left by two damaging storms over the weekend.

American chain threatens Native Hawaiian eatery for using 'Aloha Poke' name (July 30, 2018)

An American restaurant chain is under fire after threatening a Native business for using the words 'aloha' and 'poke' together.

Bill John Baker: Building a brighter future for the Cherokee Nation (July 30, 2018)

The entirety of this land was once ours, and it is a joy to return one piece of land to the Cherokee people.

Tristan Ahtone: Support Indigenous media instead of closed newsrooms (July 30, 2018)

Stop enabling news organizations that shun inclusive coverage.

Native Americans can be harmed by cultural and spiritual abuse (July 30, 2018)

Abuse can be more than broken bones and black eyes, but other types of abuse can be harder to spot.

Elizabeth Cook-Lynn: America never puts itself in the shoes of the enemy (July 30, 2018)

Isn’t it time for America to listen to what the world is trying to tell us?

Tim Giago: Some of our own people are guilty of racial prejudice too (July 30, 2018)

Perhaps racism is contagious in that it came ashore with the first settlers and spread across America as the settlers moved west.

Native community shocked by passing of drum and dance group leader (July 30, 2018)

Daron White Eagle, the founder of the Wambli Ska Drum & Dance Society, passed away on July 20. He was 54.

'We’ve forgotten that we are all healers': Herbalists accompany Canoe Journey (July 30, 2018)

Native herbalists are doing more than just healing sore muscles. They are decolonizing herbalism.

Poll shows Cherokee citizen in tie for governor's race in Oklahoma (July 30, 2018)

Kevin Stitt could make history as Oklahoma's first Native American governor.

Suspect accused of murdering Bureau of Indian Affairs employee extradited from El Salvador (July 30, 2018)

Charles Wilkins, who was an accountant at the Bureau of Indian Affairs, was murdered in the nation's capital in 1995.