Bureau of Indian Affairs punished employees after Southern Ute Tribe complained (December 16, 2016)

Two employees who blew the whistle on the BIA's handling of energy leases for the Southern Ute Tribe quickly found themselves forced off the reservation in Colorado.

Scott Montgomery: #NoDAPL highlights failures in energy policy (December 16, 2016)

A crisis is a terrible thing to waste, so it makes sense to ask hard questions about a troubled U.S. energy situation, which this conflict has illuminated.

Ari Paul: City takes steps to divest $3B from Dakota Access bank (December 16, 2016)

Over the past few months activists opposed to the Dakota Access pipeline have ramped up pressure on the company’s financiers.

Mark Trahant: New North Dakota governor backs Dakota Access Pipeline (December 16, 2016)

I had hopes that Gov. Burgum would see the potential of the Standing Rock story as one that could make North Dakota a beacon.

Brandon Ecoffey: A special look at the Lakota Nation Invitational (December 16, 2016)

It has been a year of ups and downs in Indian Country, luckily we still have the game we love.

Jenni Giovannetti: The war against Dakota Access is far from over (December 16, 2016)

We have already been warned by Energy Transfer Partners that they will continue with the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Native Sun News Today Editorial: Corrupt system holds our people down in South Dakota (December 16, 2016)

Down the road in 50 years, the Native population be in a position to make the changes to a system that has held us down since 1889.

Donald Trump's Native American Coalition hosts meeting in D.C. (December 16, 2016)

Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R-Oklahoma) invited tribal leaders and others to share their views with the incoming Republican administration.

Native Sun News Today: Oglala Sioux Tribe welcomes new leader (December 16, 2016)

A new tribal administration was sworn in by Oglala Judge Richard Bark, before a capacity crowd gathered on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.

Jennifer Falcon: Mixed feelings from the #NoDAPL encampment (December 16, 2016)

I had the honor of being at Oceti Sakowin on the day the easement news broke.

Gyasi Ross: Donald Trump is coming for our lands and resources (December 16, 2016)

Trump’s line-up of cabinet nominees tells us that his Administration is coming squarely for Native land and Native natural resources.