Mark Trahant: Native candidates score in Washington primary vote (August 3, 2016)

Democrat Joe Pakootas (Colville) hopes to become another Native voice in Congress.

Spirit Lake Nation welcomes decision in voter identification lawsuit (August 3, 2016)

Tribal leaders and members say more people on the reservation will be able to vote thanks for the judge's ruling.

Passamaquoddy Tribe is no longer interested in growing marijuana (August 3, 2016)

The Maine tribe was working with a cannabis development company whose executives have landed in legal trouble in South Dakota.

Appeals court reverses conviction due to tribal certificate dispute (August 3, 2016)

Even though Edgar Alvirez won a reversal, the case took so long to resolve that he completed the terms of his sentence for an assault on an Indian woman.

Interior Department updates information about trust reform talks (August 3, 2016)

A new law known as the Indian Trust Asset Reform Act promises dramatic changes to the agency's trust management structure.

Ex-Bureau of Indian Affairs officer admits guilt in domestic violence incident (August 3, 2016)

William Arthur Curran admitted he kidnapped and prevented his wife from leaving their home on the Wind River Reservation in Wyoming.

Eastern Cherokees toughen drug laws and keep eye on treatment (August 3, 2016)

The North Carolina tribe is imposing fines on Indians and non-Indians who bring drugs into the community and is building a new treatment center.

Charges filed in Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe marijuana operation (August 3, 2016)

Two executives of a cannabis development company that worked with the tribe are accused of violating state marijuana laws.

Naomi Schaefer Riley: Catholic schools try to make up for bad past (August 3, 2016)

Naomi Schaefer Riley is a senior fellow at the Independent Women’s Forum and the author of the new book 'The New Trail of Tears: How Washington Is Destroying American Indians.'

Denver American Horse: Veterans column in the Lakota language (August 3, 2016)

Denver American Horse, a member of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, writes his weekly column in the Lakota language.

Lakota Country Times: Indian relay teams to compete at Pine Ridge (August 3, 2016)

Teams from across the country are set to descend on the Pine Ridge Reservation during the Oglala Nation Fair to compete in the growing sport of Indian Relay.

Native Sun News: Nine former leaders of Winnebago Tribe indicted (August 3, 2016)

A federal grand jury has indicted nine former Winnebago Tribal Council Members, including former Chairman John Blackhawk, on charges including wire fraud, theft, conspiracy and misapplication of funds.

James Giago Davies: Boxing was once encouraged among youth (August 3, 2016)

Fighters no longer display the skills common a half century back.

Ruth Hopkins: White feminists continue to sideline Native women (August 3, 2016)

One of the first suffragists was a Native woman named Zitkala Sa, who was Dakota, like me. Yet her work is never mentioned in feminist conversation.