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Youth from Coushatta Tribe hail policy change for eagle feathers

Dancers at a Coushatta Tribe powwow. Photo from Facebook

Young members of the Coushatta Tribe of Louisiana will be able to wear eagle feathers to graduation next month.

The Jefferson Davis Parish School Board reversed course after hearing from tribal leaders and members who were upset about the policy against eagle feathers and other adornments, The Lake Charles American Press reported. Graduating seniors like Sophia John, the reigning Coushatta princess, Elton High School will now be able to express their cultural pride.

“We are not doing this to be disrespectful." John told the paper. "We just want to show pride, and we should be allowed to celebrate our heritage.”

Every spring, some Native students invariably face opposition to eagle feathers at graduation. The disputes usually end with schools relenting but often after public pressure or litigation.

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Elton Native American seniors allowed feathers at graduation (The Lake Charles American Press 4/23)

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