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James Giago Davies: The Native vote really matters in this election

James Giago Davies. Photo from Native Sun News

For once your vote will actually matter
A rarity this deep in Lakota country
By James Giago Davies

One of the sadder parts of these presidential primaries is how minorities have been duped into supporting corporate shill Hillary Clinton.

The duping of the American electorate has been going on a long time. Here in Lakota Country, we would not intentionally vote against our best interest but it’s difficult to tell just how national politics impact Lakota country. So many big promises come from the mouth of politicians, and the media either promotes or distorts those promises so we are never sure what a candidate stands for, or what are the chances he/she can even get anything worthwhile done.

Too often politics strike us as something for the Wasicu to fret after, and when we do get political we tend to get active only about our issues, conditions on the rez, or the Keystone XL pipeline, and we tend to discount the importance of decisions made outside our world, decisions which seem to have no direct impact on our everyday lives.

We couldn’t be more wrong.

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