Lakota Country Times: Native veterans honored for war service

The Korean Ambassador for Peace Medal. Photo from Rep. Sam Farr (D-California)

Lakota Korean War vets honored
By Lakota Country Times Staff

PIERRE— Lakota Korean War veterans joined hundreds of others in Pierre on January 12 as they were honored by Gov. Dennis Daugaard for their service.

A total of 466 veterans all around the country were honored this week for their service to their country during the Korean War that lasted from 1950-1953.

At a ceremony in Pierre on Tuesday, 158 veterans from across the state were given the Ambassador of Peace medal from the Korean government during a special ceremony in the state Capitol.

At the ceremony 15 Lakota Korean War veterans were honored by representatives of the state of South Dakota and by South Korean dignitaries who came to pay tribute to the Americans who fought in the war.

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During the conflict the United States fought alongside South Korea against a communist North Korea who was receiving support from both China and Russia.

The Lakota veterans who were honored Tuesday are listed below.
David American Horse
Charles Little Hawk
Basil Brave Heart
Seth Eagle Bear
Everett E. Janis
Patrick Lee
Cecil C. Little Hawk
Stanley M. Little Hawk
Geroge Looks Twice
Calvin Mills
Raymond Pipe On Head
Charles Quiver
Leroy Richards
Eli J. Tail
Robert Two Bulls

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