Alex Jacobs: White militia sitcom plays out on Indian territory

The Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon. Photo from Facebook

Mohawk artist and poet Alex Jacobs offers his take on the armed takeover of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon, on land that was once promised to the Burns Paiute Tribe:
The locals are pissed off and just want them gone, basically viewing them as outside agitators who hijacked their protest over the Hammond father and son who voluntarily turned themselves into the feds and are returning to serve jail sentences that probably are excessive. It’s not those 150 protestors from Burns, Oregon who have every right to protest, it’s a dozen dudes in the Bundy Cohort. You can read what the Hammonds actually did and why they disavow any connection to the Bundys. Their issue is now being co-mingled and added to the debate over federal mandatory minimum sentencing. The local judge thought the sentencing guidelines excessive and the Hammonds did serve his minimum but the federal appeals judge said go back and finish the “lawful” federal 5 years. Their lawyer said they will ask for clemency from the feds, meaning President Obama. I probably got something wrong in there, but so is everyone else, from the feds to the Hammonds to the right-wingers and the liberals and the media.

And especially the Bundys. They said they would last at Malheur for years but according to their provisions, it’s a couple weeks at the most, which means how long they can hold out in real harsh conditions as they attempt to save some face. Will they outlast Indians of All Tribes at Alcatraz or AIM at Wounded Knee? I bet not even close. They already laid out an exit-option that the feds can just sign a paper and they will go away. Again with Indian references, “this is our land, you stole our way of life, if you sign this treaty it will make everything all right, we are starving! where are our commodities?” There are Indians laughing into their mittens about who can survive in those conditions and how will they do it and they also are taking bets.

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