Vi Waln: Bullying remains a big problem in tribal communities (December 22, 2015)

People my age grew up watching more incidents of heavy drinking, drugging, child abuse and neglect, as well as extreme violence and devastating sex crimes happening on our homelands.

Lakota Country Times: Lakota immersion effort sees big boost (December 22, 2015)

Thunder Valley CDC is going above and beyond in its efforts to improve the lives of Lakota people living on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation with the recent announcement of a new cutting edge approach to Lakota language revitalization.

Mary Annette Pember: Ex-official admits to theft of ancestors (December 22, 2015)

Tribal leaders expressed anger and outrage over Thomas Munson’s actions as well as what some see as leniency by federal prosecutors.

Clara Caufield: The greatest Christmas gift could be your time (December 22, 2015)

So often, I have heard elders remark, 'If you can’t come to see me while I am alive, do not cry or bring flowers to my funeral.'

Monique Vondall-Rieke: Grassroots killed the Keystone pipeline (December 22, 2015)

This island we all live on will not last forever, but for as far as we can see, it needs to last for us and our future generations as long as it is in our hands.