Kevin Leecy: Tribes remain a vital segment of our community (November 27, 2015)

Indian tribes remain sovereign nations. Our people are still here. Our governments are still here. We still retain our rights.

Ak-Chin Indian Community sued for same-sex marriage ban (November 27, 2015)

Cleo Pablo, a tribal employee, married her longtime partner but their union isn't recognized under tribal law.

Ilya Somin: Persistent 'myth' justified taking of Indian lands (November 27, 2015)

In reality, many native peoples made extensive use of property rights long before whites arrived, even though they obviously did not use the same legal terminology as Europeans did.

Vince Two Eagles: Focus on being thankful this holiday season (November 27, 2015)

In addition to the nice big turkey and all the trimmings to share with your families this year, teach yourself, each other, your children, and your grandchildren to not be so concerned with what they don't have but with what they have.

Tim Giago: Walk a mile in the moccasins of Native Americans (November 27, 2015)

Most Native Americans know that the historic Thanksgiving Day was mostly a day contrived to mask the realities of a time when the onslaught of genocide and conquest was just beginning.

Lakota Country Times: Rosebud mothers address meth issues (November 27, 2015)

A group of mothers formed a support group last year as a way to help one another cope with the effects of methamphetamine use on the Rosebud Reservation.

Native Sun News: Tribal member speaks out against fracking (November 27, 2015)

Mandan Hidatsa and Arikara tribal member Lisa DeVille was among the first to testify on the dangers of uncontrolled fracking flares following the EPA’s recent extension until Dec. 4 of a deadline for public comment on new oil-and-gas industry pollution rules.

Native Sun News: Keystone fighters celebrate defeat of permit (November 27, 2015)

The White House announcement denying the Keystone XL Pipeline a Presidential Permit to carry tar-sands crude oil from TransCanada Corp. into the United States prompted tribal governments and organized resisters of the so-called 'Black Snake' to vows of nixing similar fossil-fuel projects.

Terese Mailhot: Racism prevails in American popular culture (November 27, 2015)

We’ve heard your rhetoric, white person, and we’re still not buying the idiots who prevail in popular culture today.

Ray Cook: Thanksgiving flies in the face of original Americans (November 27, 2015)

What balls it must have taken for the first store owner in America to think that this is a money-making opportunity.

Steven Newcomb: Even the media treats our nations as 'nothing' (November 27, 2015)

The extension of the legacy of judicial racism continues in the federal law of the United States to this very day.