Winnebago Tribe couldn't afford $1.3M in per capita payments

Leaders of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska. Back Row (L-R): Kenny Mallory, Louis Larose, James Snow, Jeanie Eagle, Maunka Morgan Front Row (L-R): Victoria Kitcheyan, Darla LaPointe, Vince Bass, Brian Chamberlain. Photo from Winnebago Tribe

The Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska didn't have enough money to make $1.3 million in per capita payments, The Sioux City Journal reports.

Each member was due to receive $250 last month. But the checks never came because the council voted them down at a meeting in June, according to minutes reviewed by the paper.

“We’ve had many angry calls here,” enrollment director Phyllis Ware told the paper of the response from the membership.

Instead of sending the payment, the tribe invested $408,900 in youth, a spokesperson told the paper. Nearly 1,400 children received $300 for a clothing allowance for the coming school year.

In related news, Ho-Chunk Inc., the tribe's economic development corporation, received permission to delay the removal of an old bank building in Sioux City, Iowa. HCI was planning to relocate the structure to the reservation, about 20 miles away, but is near a deal to sell it, the Journal reported.

Ho-Chunk Inc. owns Indianz.Com.

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Winnebago Tribe forgoes $1.3 million in July stimulus checks for members (The Sioux City Journal 8/9)
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