Gyasi Ross: Be thankful for Donald Trump for exposing racism

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump rallies his supporters. Photo from Facebook

Gyasi Ross sees some silver lining in the bizarre campaign of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump:
Donald Trump isn’t all that popular amongst my Native brethren.

For that matter, most of my brown-skinned contemporaries have been very consistent and very passionate about their dislike of Donald Trump. And why wouldn’t they be? Not only is his hair hilarious, but he also famously called for the banning of any new Muslim immigrants into this nation, he’s also called for the round-up and deportation of 11 million women, men and children who are in this nation unlawfully. Moreover, he suggested that the beating of a Black Lives Matter protestor was justified at one of his rallies and also hinted that Hillary Clinton would make a bad president because she couldn’t satisfy Bill Clinton (FYI, I also think she’d make a bad president, but for different reasons). And in regards to Native people, he did the typical entitled white man thing to Native Americans by thinking he could think for us and speak for us and didn’t even consider our actual opinion about things that concern us.

Damn, then which group of brown people has he not went out of his way to be a scumbag to? In the immortal words of Phife Dawg, “Believe it or not, they all got done.” The Donald seems to have a serious dislike of all brown-skinned people and doesn’t seem too fond of women, either.

But yet, I still contend, we should be thankful for this Neanderthal named “Trump.”

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