Five leaders from Eastern Shoshone Tribe suspended and fined

Agenda for the October 10, 2015, general council meeting of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe of Wyoming. Image from Facebook

All five leaders of the Eastern Shoshone Tribe of Wyoming were suspended and fined earlier this month, the Associated Press reports.

Tribal members took action at a general council meeting because the brother of a tribal leader was given access to their personal information, the AP said. The five leaders were suspended for 10 days without pay and were each ordered to pay a $500 fine.

The general council meeting took place October 10, according to a post on the tribe's Facebook page. One item was on the agenda: "SBC Misconduct: Use of tribal resources and abuse of authority in supporting individual petition effort; sanctions."

The 10-day suspensions are being staggered so that leaders can continue to work, tribal member and former tribal attorney general Kimberly Varilek said. She was the person responsible for the agenda item.

Results from October 27, 2015, special election for vacant council seat. Image from Facebook

Separately, the tribe held a special election on Tuesday to fill a seat that became vacant. Michael Chingman defeated five other candidates for the post, according to results posted on Facebook.

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