Native Sun News: Native Americans more likely to be arrested

Native Americans make up 12.4 percent of Rapid City's population but account for much higher percentages of crime victims and those arrested. Image from Black Hills Knowledge Network

Study shows high rates of Indian criminality and victimization
By Richie Richards
Native Sun News Staff Writer

RAPID CITY –– “Native Americans account for disproportionate share of victims and offenders in Rapid City” according to a report released on Sept. 10 by the Black Hills Knowledge Network (BHKN)

The report by BHKN states, “Native Americans far outpace Rapid City’s white majority when it comes to arrests for felony and misdemeanor crimes, according to data released by the Rapid City Police Department” 

Native Americans made up 58 percent of total arrests in 2014, while whites were 35.5 percent of the 8,228 total arrests last year and Native Americans are also far more likely than whites to be the victims of a crime BHKN reports. 

The white population makes up 52 percent of the 5,780 total crime victims in 2014, while Native Americans make up a much larger percentage per capita at 33 percent of total crime victims.

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