California tribes support release of water to benefit salmon runs (August 28, 2014)

The Hoopa Valley Tribe and the Yurok Tribe pushed for the release of more water.

Recruiter from Spokane Tribe's college selected for Peirone Prize (August 28, 2014)

Randy Ramos was selected for his tireless efforts to promote higher education among Native Americans.

DOI extends $100M in Cobell buy-back offers on two reservations (August 28, 2014)

The offers went out to more than 4,000 landowners on the Gila River Indian Community and on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation.

Lummi Nation seeks cooperation after ruling in treaty rights case (August 28, 2014)

Chairman Tim Ballew said tribes should keep fishing cases out of federal court.

Southern Ute Tribe invests $2B in big energy production system (August 28, 2014)

The Southern Ute Tribe of Colorado is expanding its energy production operations in the Gulf of Mexico.

Artist Gregg Deal takes on Indian mascots for performance piece (August 28, 2014)

The Pyramid Lake Paiute artist will subject himself to eight hours of public abuse to address the treatment of Indian people.

Cara Cowan Watts: Laying the groundwork for college scholarship (August 28, 2014)

Cherokee Nation Council member Cara Cowan Watts shares college scholarship tips.

Three charged with murder for death of Mississippi Choctaw man (August 28, 2014)

Jonis Keith Joe, 37, was stabbed to death sometime on August 15.

Five-year-old Navajo boy sent home from school for his long hair (August 28, 2014)

The boy's parents had to prove his tribal affiliation before he was allowed to attend kindergarten classes.

Cobell buy-backs could return over 38K acres to tribe in Montana (August 28, 2014)

Starting next week, tribal members will be receiving offers to sell their fractionated interests.

County hires lobbying firm to oppose federal recognition reforms (August 28, 2014)

Napa County in California believes only Congress has the power to recognize tribes.

Rudolph Ryser: Indigenous nations need leverage to bring change (August 28, 2014)

Rudolph Ryser explores the realities of the upcoming World Conference on Indigenous Peoples and the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.

Sports announcer won't use Washington NFL team's name on air (August 28, 2014)

Greg Gumbel said he made a 'personal choice' not to use the name on the air for CBS.

Native Sun News: Police officers who shot Indian teen get medals (August 28, 2014)

Two recipients of the Oklahoma Sheriff’s Association Medal of Honor were also involved in the shooting death of Mah-hi-Vist GoodBlanket.