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Map: Most common Native languages include Navajo and Crow

Map shows counties where at least 10 percent of the population speaks a Native language. These counties are shaded green. The counties where Hawaiian is spoken are colored orange. Source: The Washington Post MetricMaps

The Washington Post and MetricMaps have put together a series of maps where at least 10 percent of a county's population speaks a Native language.

Within the continental United States, the highest percentages are found in counties in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah where the Navajo language is spoken. These counties lie within the Navajo Nation.

The second highest percentage is found in Big Horn County, where 28 percent speak a Native language. The county is home to the Crow Tribe and the Northern Cheyenne Tribe.

According to the maps, Native languages are also commonly spoken in other counties in mostly western states: Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota. The exception is Mississippi, where the Choctaw language is spoken in one county.

Outside of the continental U.S., several counties in Alaska are home to large percentages of Native language speakers. The Hawaiian language is also commonly spoken in Hawaii.

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