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Judge won't stop installation of new Delaware Tribe leaders

Delaware Tribe's headquarters in Bartlesville, Oklahoma. Photo from Facebook

New leaders of the Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma were sworn into office on Saturday amid complaints from two losing candidates.

Paula Pechonick was defeated for the post of chief by Chester L. “Chet” Brooks. Jenifer Pechonick, Paula's daughter, lost her bid for re-election to the council.

The Pechonicks complained that results from the November 1 election did not appear to include hundreds of absentee ballots. Counting them could have changed the outcome, they alleged in tribal court.

Judge Charles Randall dismissed the challenge, The Native American Times reported. He said he lacked the authority to block the tribe's general council from meeting and swearing in the new officers.

"I am deeply concerned for our tribe and will continue to work with the remedies available to us for election reform and voter’s rights to conduct an election that is fair and impartial with results that can be endorsed by all members of the Delaware Tribe of Indians," Paula Pechonick said on Facebook.

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