Town in Maine approves new name for road after controversy

The retired mascot in Wiscasset, Maine, had been temporarily revived in a local street. Image from Oregon First

The town of Wiscasset, Maine, approved a new name for a road after the original choice generated controversy.

The road will be known as Micmac Drive. The previous name came from the local school's old mascot and drew criticism from leaders of the Penobscot Nation.

“The history and origin of this word is a particularly painful one for Wabanaki,” Chief Kirk Francis told the town in a letter last month, The Bangor Daily News reported. “It represents a reminder of a time when our people were hunted by settlers, our bodies and scalps sold to the Commonwealth."

Chief Edward Peter Paul of the Aroostook Band of Micmacs told the paper that he supported the new name of the street when the idea was brought up last month.

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