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Navajo Nation might postpone election due to legal challenge

Chris Deschene, far left, with his supporters. Photo from Facebook

The Navajo Nation might delay its upcoming election, The Navajo Times reports.

The Navajo Election Administration was planning to send absentee ballots to the printer today. Tribal law requires the ballots to go in the mail 30 days before the November 4 election.

But the agency doesn't know whether a legal dispute affecting one of the presidential candidates will affect the names on the ballots. The Navajo Nation Supreme Court isn't hearing the case until tomorrow.

At issue is presidential candidate Chris Deschene, who finished second in the primary. Some tribal members say he isn't fluent in the Navajo language as required by tribal law.

Deschene is running against Joe Shirley Jr., a former president who speaks Navajo fluently.

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Election may be postponed due to Deschene challenge (The Navajo Times 9/25)

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