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Republican blames Sen. Reid for holding Lumbee recognition bill

The flag of the Lumbee Tribe. Image from Alternative History

Sen. Richard Burr (R-North Carolina) said Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada), the Senate majority leader, is holding up a bill to extend federal recognition to the Lumbee Tribe.

Burr introduced S.1132, the Lumbee Recognition Act, more than a year ago. The Obama administration testified in favor of the bill at a Senate Indian Affairs Committee on October 30.

The bill hasn't moved since then, however. Burr said Reid “won’t allow it to come up,” The Laurinburg Exchange reported.

Burr has supported the tribe since joining the Senate in 2005. Most of the state's Congressional delegation also backs the tribe.

“I don’t know why people are fighting this so hard,’’ Burr said, the Exchange reported.

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, the only federally recognized tribe in North Carolina, opposes recognition for the Lumbees.

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