Rep. Young apologizes for grabbing arm of Congressional staffer

Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) speaks to the National Congress of American Indians earlier this year. Photo from Rep. Don Young

Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska), the chairman of the House Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs, apologized for grabbing the arm of Congressional staffer on Thursday.

A video posted by a NBC producer Frank Thorp showed Young grabbing the unidentified staffer's arm. He appears to twist it tightly, causing the younger man to react in pain or shock.

Vine: Rep Don Young (R-AK) grabs staffer's arm for trying to stop him from entering in-progress GOP mtg through front door

A photo posted by Roll Call also shows Young confronting the staffer. He later said he was "wrong" and that he "should have never placed my hands on the young man," according to news reports.

Young, whose late wife, Lula, was Alaska Native, is known on Capitol Hill for his blunt language and verbal tirades.

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