Ex-employee found guilty of stealing from Chippewa Cree Tribe

The former health care executive for the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Montana was found guilty on embezzlement charges.

Fawn Tadios, 52, was accused of using more than $11,000 in tribal funds for personal use. Most of the money was spent on visits to her husband, former chairman Raymond “Jake” Parker, who is serving time in federal prison for embezzlement.

Tadios is due to be sentenced October 9. She faces up to 10 years in prison for theft from an Indian government receiving federal grants and for theft from a health care facility and five years for theft from an Indian tribal organization, The Havre Daily News reported.

The trial was held this week. It came as Bruce Harold Sunchild, another former chairman of the tribe, and John "Chance" Houle, yet another former chair, were indicted this week on embezzlement, bribery, conspiracy and other charges.

Sunchild and Houle, who currently sits on the council, are among nearly 10 people who have been charged with corruption on the reservation. Most have pleaded guilty.

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