Native woman remains in hospital after attack in Saskatchewan

Marlene Bird suffered a vicious attack in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Family photo

A woman from the Montreal Lake Cree Nation remains in the hospital after she was the victim of a vicious attack on the streets of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Marlene Bird, 47, suffered burns so severe that both of her legs have been amputated, according to news reports. Her face was also mutilated.

"It's a sad sight to see," Montreal Lake Chief Edward Henderson told CBC News. "It's hard to stand there and try to keep your calm and not show your emotions as she's lying there, trying to stay strong."

Authorities are still searching for information about the person or persons responsible for the attack, which occurred on or before June 1. Prince Albert police chief Troy Cooper said the case was a top priority.

Prince Albert is about 64 miles south of the Montreal Lake Reserve.

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