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Battle Mountain chairman was asked to attend NFL event in DC

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Is Washington team owner Dan Snyder planning some sort of media event with tribal leaders in Washington, D.C., next week?

Joseph Holley, the chairman of the Battle Mountain Band Colony in Nevada, was asked to attend an event that's due to take place on Monday. The invitation came over the phone just yesterday.

"My answer was no. I've got responsibilities to my community and members here at home and can't be running off to D.C. at a moment's notice to meet with a football team to do who knows what," Holley told USA Today Sports.

A spokesman for the team said there is a media event that might happen next Wednesday. But he wouldn't say whether tribal leaders are involved.

Sen. Harry Reid (D-Nevada), the Senate majority leader, has been an outspoken critic of the team's name. So it's possible Snyder was trying to get someone from Nevada to appear at the event to counter Reid.

Snyder's Original Americans Foundation bought a vehicle for a tribe in Nevada but the tribe refused it, Reid said last month.

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