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State Department needs more time to review Keystone XL

The State Department is taking more time to review the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline.

In a media note, the department said ongoing litigation in Nebraska could affect the project. A judge struck down a state law that approved the route for the pipeline and appeals are pending.

Additionally, the department said it needs more time to review about 2.5 million comments that were submitted by the public. There was no time frame specified but the delay likely means a decision won't be made until after the elections in November.

Tribes in the U.S. and Canada are fighting the project due to concerns about treaty rights, sacred sites and the environment. They are being joined by landowners and ranchers along the route, most notably the path through Nebraska and South Dakota.

Under the slogan,"Reject and Protect," the Cowboy Indian Alliance will be camping in Washington, D.C., this week to urge President Barack Obama to reject the permit for the pipeline. Participants will march from the National Mall to the White House on Saturday.

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