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Pamunkey Tribe went to England to document recognition bid

The Pamunkey Tribe of Virginia made four trips to England to bolster its federal recognition petition.

The tribe signed a treaty with the British in the late 1600s after welcoming the British settlers at Jamestown. So some early documents were found in England.

“We scoured the globe,” Chief Kevin Brown told The Mechanicsville Local.

The information helped convince the Bureau of Indian Affairs of the tribe's legitimacy. If all goes well, the Pamunkeys will join the family of federally recognized tribes later this year or early next year.

“It’s a matter of historical justice, and not just for us,” Brown told the paper, referring to the tribe's Jamestown connections. “They couldn’t overlook us when we’re woven into the fabric of American history.”

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Federal Register Notice:
Proposed Finding for Federal Acknowledgment of the Pamunkey Indian Tribe (January 23, 2014)

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