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Wyoming plans appeal for tribal treatment of state designation

The state of Wyoming plans to appeal the treatment as state designation for the Eastern Shoshone Tribe and the Northern Arapaho Tribe.

The state objected when the tribes submitted their Clean Air Act application to the Environmental Protection Agency. Gov. Matt Mead (R) claims approval will lead the tribes to assert greater jurisdiction on the Wind River Reservation and in border towns.

"The tribes’ application, if granted, has implications for criminal law, civil law, water law and taxation. It also takes away the voices of citizens in Kinnear, Riverton and Pavillion," Mead wrote in a letter to the EPA, County 10 News reported.

A state lawmaker who has experience in Indian issues and has worked with both tribes disputed the claim, however. "It only affects air quality,” state Sen. Cale Case (R) told commissioners in Fremont County, County 10 News reported.

Congress amended the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act to recognize tribal authority. Several states have fought tribal designations in court but their challenges have been rejected.

Turtle Talk has posted some documents from matter.

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