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First female leader of Pamunkey Tribe selected for memorial

Cockacoeske, a 17th century leader of the Pamunkey Tribe, has been selected for the Women of Virginia memorial.

Cockacoeske was the first female leader of the Pamunkeys. During her thirty-year tenure, she worked to unite area tribes and signed the 1677 Treaty of Middle Plantation.

Cockacoeske will be immortalized in a bronze monument at the Capitol Square in Richmond. She will join 11 other women leaders, representing the past four centuries.

Cockacoeske won favor over the more well-known Pocahontas, drawing objections from at least one member of the Women of Virginia Commemorative Commission. Cockacoeske was a niece of Chief Powhatan, who was Pocahontas's father.

The Pamunkey Tribe is awaiting a decision on federal recognition from the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

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