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Leaders of Blackfeet Nation remain divided into two groups

Leaders of the Blackfeet Nation of Montana remain divided into two camps despite attempts at compromise.

Chairman Willie Sharp Jr. and council member Forestina Calf Boss Ribs are on one side, along with Bill Old Chief, Cheryl Little Dog and Paul McEvers. On the other side are Shannon Augare, Leonard Guardipee, Roger “Sassy” Running Crane and Earl Old Person.

The two factions met last week and reached agreement in order to pay tribal employees and vendors for the first time in nearly a month, The Flathead Beacon reported. They were going to meet again today until Sharp kicked Guardipee off the council and replaced him with Allen Shane Goss.

“Willie Sharp has created his own fantasy land of power where he’s not just the chairman, he’s the whole council," Augare told the paper.

Augare, who also serves as a state senator, recently pleaded guilty in tribal court and federal court for a drunken driving incident. He said he's trying to help the tribal council get back to work.

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