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Interview with couple about Cheyenne-Arapaho marriage law

VICE interviews Jason Pickel and Darren Black Bear, who will be getting married under the laws of the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes in Oklahoma:
VICE: So you guys found the loophole in Oklahoma, huh?
Jason Pickel: No! I keep telling reporters to stop saying loophole. We didn’t find a loophole in Oklahoma. Technically, we’re not even getting married in the state of Oklahoma. I think, in general, a lot of Americans don’t understand the concept of a sovereign nation. It’s not a state; it’s a territory. [The reservation]’s just like DC: it’s not part of Virginia; it’s its own place.
Darren Black Bear: We were getting married so I could get Jason on my insurance. That’s what this began as. It morphed and grew, and turned into a wedding. It went from the Gayly to our tribal paper, then to KOCO-5, then to… the world. It’s crazy how it grew.

Has anything like this happened before?
Jason: Actually we’re the third Native American couple [from the tribe] to be issued a same-sex marriage license. They just didn’t really want to be public and that’s fine. I met them for the first time yesterday.

Will your marriage only be recognized in your tribal area?
Jason: Within the state of Oklahoma, yes, it would only be recognized within the Cheyenne nation. Now, Oklahoma will recognize the court order to change my last name because it’s a federal court, and obviously they would have to abide by any court order. Other than that, our marriage will only be recognized in other states that recognize gay marriage

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