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Ray Cook: Stupid Americans and their stupid Indian mascots

Ray Cook discusses the use of Indian mascots in sports:
For quite some time, the Washington Redskins or Cleveland Indians mascots' images never bothered me.

Then something happened and I began viewing the images as stupid Americans doing what stupid Americans have always done: ignorantly going about the world insulting people. There is much to be said about good manners but these sort of Americans just don’t get that. It is like they are raised with no loving Mothers or caring Fathers. Even so, I thought there was opportunity in these images showing up every once in a while. Not all Americans are stupid. Thank the gods for that.

I believe there are good Americans, don’t get me wrong. I just wish there were more of them. Or, that they were more audible.

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Ray Cook: Stupid Americans Doing What Stupid Americans Have Always Done (Indian Country Today 10/27)

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