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Ray Cook: No problem with Columbus Day or any other holiday

Ray Cook isn't bothered by Columbus Day in the United States or Thanksgiving in Canada:
I am a Mohawk, Ogwehonweh, an original person, and a human being. My peoples first contact with the infant Europeans were with the Dutch, not the Spanish or with their paid explorer Christopher Columbus, Christophe Colon depending with whom you ask.

I do not fear Columbus Day; this day does not change my people’s reality. It actually means nothing to us. Our reality is that we sit and wait. That is what the old timers mean when they say, “We were here long before they came, and we will be here long after these interlopers leave, or die away from their own greed and spite. Hang on to our ceremonies and don’t forget where we come from.”

The American as child is a picture worth imagining. New on the scene, blessed with great resources and power, none of which are of their own making, strut about the globe as a male peacock strolls his pen amongst his captured flock. But it is not about the feathers; it is about the pen within which they strut. In the end, look as good as your might allows, but in the end you are in a pen. A pen of your own making.

Does it matter that today is Columbus Day? Not to me or my kin. Does it matter that it is Canadian Thanksgiving Day? Well, not really, Canada gives nothing, but they do like their sibling United States of America, they take plenty, they share plenty and none of it is of their own to give.

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