Delaware Tribe hasn't submitted land-into-trust application

The Delaware Tribe of Oklahoma hasn't submitted a land-trust-application for its newly acquired property in Kansas.

The tribe purchased 87 acres near Lawrence for housing, health, social service and other purposes. A Bureau of Indian Affairs spokesperson said the tribe hasn't filed any paperwork so far.

"There is a definite process they will have to follow," spokesperson Nedra Darling told the paper.

The Delawares lost their federal recognition under litigation filed by the Cherokee Nation. Federal status was restored in 2009 but tribal leaders say they can't do much in Oklahoma without first getting approval from the much-larger Cherokee Nation.

"Having a jurisdictional area in Kansas will allow the Delaware Tribe to provide services such as housing, health, education, economic development, jobs and more," Secretary Verna Crawford said in the tribe's July 2013 newsletter.

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