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In The Loop: Keith Harper's generosity rewarded with top post

Al Kamen of In The Loop calls attorney Keith Harper, a citizen of the Cherokee Nation whom President Barack Obama nominated for an ambassador-rank post, a "generous" donor:
Since the White House has been announcing new ambassadorships in dribs and drabs of late, we thought it worth examining how generous are the folks whom President Obama has recently named to serve in embassies around the globe.

All told, the White House named 24 ambassadors in June. That bunch includes seven big bundlers — those who collected and gave more than $500,000 to one or both of Obama’s presidential campaigns.

Washington lawyer Keith Harper, who brought in scads of money from the Native American community, was named to serve as the U.S. representative to the U.N. Human Rights Council (oh, hello, Geneva!)

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In The Loop by Al Kamen: Those generous ambassadors (The Washington Post 7/9)

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