Column: Hualapai Tribe Skywalk spoils Grand Canyon beauty

Columnist doesn't like the Grand Canyon Skywalk, owned by the Hualapai Tribe of Arizona:
One of the most ill-conceived, hideous development projects known to mankind belongs to the Hualapai Tribe. In order to take advantage of its ownership of a portion of the Grand Canyon rim, high above the Colorado River, the Tribe entered into a grand scheme with Grand Canyon Skywalk Development, LLC, who we will call “Despoiler” in this little column.

Despoiler and the Tribe entered into a series of contracts dating back to 2003, wherein Despoiler would design and build (and share profits with the Tribe) a glass bottom “U” shaped platform extending over the west rim of the Grand Canyon 4,000 feet above the Colorado River. The Tribe got just what it asked for, a cash cow and now a lawsuit.

According to marketing materials, the misplaced “bridge” as it is called, “balances well with the natural surroundings.” Balances well if you have utter disregard for natural surroundings.

Balances well as in balancing a checkbook while capitalizing on the natural wonder in your backyard.

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Jim Porter: Grand Canyon — by river or skywalk? (The Tahoe Daily Tribune 6/20)

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