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Three Native Mob gang defendants found guilty in Minnesota

Three members of the Native Mob were found guilty after a lengthy trial in federal court aimed at taking down the gang's operation.

Gang leader Wakinyon Wakan McArthur, 34, was found guilty on six counts, including racketeering. William Earl Morris, 25, was found guilty on four counts. Anthony Francis Cree, 26, was found guilty on six counts, including racketeering and attempted murder.

"The Native Mob has wreaked havoc on tribal and non-tribal communities across Minnesota and our region. Its members traffick in drugs and guns, using violence, intimidation, and in some instances, murder, against those who stand in their way," U.S. Attorney Todd Jones said in a press release.

Federal prosecutors brought charges against 25 people who were connected to the Native Mob. According to the 2011 National Gang Threat Assessment, the gang has its roots among American Indian inmates.

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