Former dictator on trial for genocide of Mayans in Guatemala

Efrain Rios Montt, a former president and dictator of Guatemala, is on trial for the genocide of thousands of Mayan people during the country's bloody civil war.

Montt faces charges of genocide and crimes against humanity. He is accused of being responsible for the murders of 1,771 people at Mayan villages in 1982 and 1983.

According to the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation, most of the victims were women or children who weren't armed or involved with the conflict. Antonio Caba, a survivor, will be testifying at the trial.

“I ask him, ‘What type of weapon were the children carrying, the women and old people your army massacred?’ All we want is justice,” Caba, who was 11 when his village was attacked, told the Associated Press. His 2-month-old sister and grandmother later died of malnutrition after being forced to flee.

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