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Tribal provisions of Violence Against Women Act survive fight

UPDATE 11:57am: The House voted 286-138 to pass the Senate version of the Violence Against Women Act. Prior to that vote, the House voted 166-257 to reject the Republican version of the bill.

After months of opposition from Republicans, it looks like the Violence Against Women Act will finally clear Congress this week.

VAWA has enjoyed bipartisan support since it was first enacted in 1994. But the bill became a hot issue during the 112th Congress when Democrats included provisions to protect American Indian and Alaska Native women, as well as immigrants and gay and lesbian victims.

Despite the controversy, the Senate easily passed the measure last year. Republicans in the House, however, insisted on a different version that didn't recognize tribal jurisdiction over non-Indians, who are responsible for most of the violent crimes against Native women.

The 2012 election cycle soon became a referendum on women's issues, with voters turning against Republican politicians who expressed questionable views on rape and other sensitive topics. That made it seem like VAWA would enjoy stronger support in the 113th Congress.

Indeed, the Senate made S.47 one of its first orders of business. The tribal provisions were modified slightly to address concerns, although that didn't stop 22 Republicans from voting against VAWA earlier this month.

Trouble soon surfaced in the House, as Republican leaders against insisted on their own version. But after a House Rules Committee hearing on Tuesday, the GOP changed course and agreed to a process in which the Senate's version will receive a final vote.

Passage is expected between 11am and 12pm, according to the House majority leader's schedule.

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