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Column: Basketball team energizes urban Indian community

"With eight minutes to go in the half, 15-year-old Evan Denny found his sweet spot, the far right corner just past the three-point line.

Denny was one of the smaller guys on the court, but he’s known for his shooting accuracy and quick release.

Michael Demo maneuvered around a couple of defenders and zipped a pass to Denny, who turned and fired. Denny didn’t even bother to watch as the ball snapped the net, putting Little Earth up by 5.

A dozen little girls in the packed stands at East Phillips Cultural and Community Center screamed. Jolene Jones shot out of her seat and began to yell.

“Defense! Get your hands up!”

It has been more than a decade since this kind of excitement rippled through Little Earth of United Tribes, a housing development in the Cedar and Franklin neighborhood serving the urban American Indian population. The basketball program has largely been dormant, a victim of disinterest, video games and changing priorities."

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Jon Tevlin: Basketball revival energizes Little Earth in Minneapolis (The Minneapolis Star Tribune 2/25)

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