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Karuk Tribe asserts authority for activity on Indian allotment

The Karuk Tribe of California says it hasn't authorized activity at an Indian allotment where an asphalt plant is in being operated.

Members of the tribe own fractionated interests in the Jim Benter Indian Allotment. And the owner of Eagle Peak Rock and Paving, the asphalt business, previously said the tribe has permitting authority over the site.

But the tribe said it hasn't issued a use permit to the business. "Any activities on tribal lands are subject to applicable tribal, federal and state regulations," the tribe said in a statement, The Siskiyou Daily News reported.

Darren Rose reportedly holds 60 percent of the interests in the Jim Benter Indian Allotment. He gave up his membership in the Karuk Tribe and joined the Alturas Rancheria, where he once served as vice chairman.

Over the years, members of the Karuk Tribe, the Alturas Rancheria, the Shasta Nation and the Quartz Valley Tribe have held interests in the Jim Benter Indian Allotment. However, the Alturas Rancheria lacks jurisdiction, at least for purposes of Indian gaming, over the site, according to the National Indian Gaming Commission.

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