Terry Rambler: Saying goodbye to our young Apache leader

"I want to say farewell to a dear friend to all of us, the late Justin Hooke, who was the president of the San Carlos Apache Youth Council and our future leader.

I want to commend and say thank you to all those that made his funeral such a memorable event. The songs were very beautiful, Mary Kim Titla’s eulogy was a memorable one, and the sermon by Pastor Kevin Cassadore was awe-inspiring and very inspirational.

Our future leader was such a great young man with so much potential. The opportunities he created for himself through hard work should be a lasting example to all our youth on how to pave your own road to success. I commend his parents and grandparents for raising and sharing with us such a fine young man. His footprints will stay with us forever.

We wonder why our heavenly father said it was time for our future leader to return to him at such a young age. As human beings, we don’t know all things and only our heavenly father knows. When we cross that bridge to the unknown is when we have to embrace our heavenly father’s teachings to have faith in him and to pray for understanding. Some day our undying faith will be rewarded and our prayers will be answered."

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