Rep. Pearce: White House crowd celebrates Osama's death

"Just arriving in DC from New Mexico at about 10:30 pm, I almost missed the announcement that bin Laden was dead. My Blackberry was buzzing with the news of the impending Presidential Message.

I was frustrated, in the airport, waiting for my bag. I ran to the car, turned on the radio; the President had not yet spoken. The announcer said a small group was gathering at the White House chanting “USA.”

I hurried there, arriving just as the President was speaking. One of the first to arrive, I parked half a block from the White House.

People were running, skateboarding, jumping out of cabs, double parking. The streets were already electric with enthusiasm.

The pulsing mass numbered about 500 people when I arrived. People chanting "USA, USA".

Flags waving everywhere...the crowd swelled to thousands. Hugging, shaking hands. Cheers."

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