New Mexico tribe bans sale of newspaper for coverage of murder
Jemez Pueblo in New Mexico has banned the sale of a newspaper on the reservation, citing the "sensationalized manner" in which a murder has been covered.

The non-Indian owned Jemez Thunder ran a story titled "Gruesome Murder at Jemez Pueblo." It described how Lucas Michael Ray Steven Toledo, 22, allegedly beat and disemboweled Matthew Panana, 21, on September 29.

"The article's tone, the level of gruesome detail and the incredibly sensationalized manner in which it was published was appalling," Gov. Joshua Madalena told the paper in a letter, The Santa Fe New Mexican reported.

The paper was sold at two locations on the reservation. Owner Robert Borden said the issue with the homicide story sold more copies than any other edition.

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Jemez governor bans newspaper over murder coverage (The Santa Fe New Mexican 11/2)

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