Ute Tribe leaders remove chairman after second recall election
Curtis Cesspooch has been removed as chairman of the Ute Tribe of Utah after a second recall election was determined to be valid.

In September, tribal members voted 108 to 8 to recall Cesspooch. Even though a majority favored his removal, the total number of votes didn't appear to be enough under the Ute constitution.

But other tribal leaders determined that the 116 votes met the requirement that one-third of eligible voters participate in a recall. That's a different conclusion from the one reached in August, when 118 people voted in the recall of Cesspooch.

“The first (vote) didn’t go through so they fired the election commission, hired their own and started another recall election,” Cesspooch told The Uintah Basin Standard. “They found a way to meet the 30 percent and declared the recall valid. ...Their one goal is to get rid of me.”

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Cesspooch recalled (The Uintah Basin Standard 10/13)

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