Editorial: Navajo Nation should compromise on pact on racism
"They call it a Memorandum of Agreement, but so far, it's been anything but agreement.

It's time that changes.

The city of Farmington and the Navajo Nation are trying to improve relations between their respective governments and especially between the people they each serve. Sadly, the strides of progress during past decades remain marred by the throwbacks of racism that sometimes still occur.

The two governments hope an agreed-upon, written understanding that defines mutual goals will stand as a symbol that progress will win and that neither racism nor discrimination will be tolerated by either entity.

It's a bold goal and a noble one.

Unfortunately, such a symbol still remains elusive despite months of attempts.

Farmington Mayor Tommy Roberts balked at an earlier version of the document that featured language the Navajo felt important to include. The writing registered feelings of hardship because of a less than amicable past regarding mistreatment of Navajo. Roberts thought too much of the history was blamed squarely on Farmington and that such divisive language did little to promote new beginnings.

The Navajo insisted, saying history is an integral component of the future.

Since then, it continues to be a volley back and forth with drafts penned, scratched and rewritten in hopes of compromise."

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