Editorial: Moving forward together to address race relations
"The purpose of Farmington's volunteer-filled Community Relations Commission is to seek and implement ways to improve race relations.

The Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission is partnering with its Farmington counterpart to seek ways of doing that together.

It is more sadness over the stark reality than surprise when even these two entities, dedicated to progress and peace as much as they are, can't unite on something as simple as a written agreement meant to serve much like a joint mission statement.

If these two commissions born to battle discrimination and to promote cultural diversity can't agree on the use of a few words, just what kind of commentary does that offer on progress for we as a community?

Not much.

That is why it is imperative that this hitch immediately get corrected.

Furthermore, this is not the time for history lessons, political grandstanding nor senseless debate. It's time, past time, to roll sleeves up, put a mission statement on paper, then deliver it with thunder so loud and strong that the teeth of every bigoted racist within a thousand miles rattle in fear."

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Editorial: It's time to make history, not relive it (The Farmington Daily Times 6/13)

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